The Great Benefits of Ginger

We have all been using Ginger in our food and for medical reasons for thousand’s of years. It originates in South East Asia.

Apart from tasting great when added to our food Ginger can offer many health benefits improving our health and boosting our wellbeing.

Ginger is a flowering plant supplied in root form. it can be used fresh, dried, as an oil or powdered.

Here we name 4 amazing health benefits that are worth trying to help improve your health.


Well known for helping with Nausea and morning sickness, ginger added to Tea or warm water

will help calm your stomach and may prevent vomiting.

Make your own tea – just boil a 1 inch piece of ginger in a cup of boiling water. Leave for 5-10

minutes and then strain off. If you want you can add a slice of lemon or for sweater tea add a

drop of honey.

Drink in moderation.

May be Great for Fevers and colds:

Ginger is a diaphoretic which means it can help make you sweat. This could help improve the

recovery time from your cold or fever.

Again take in tea form but remember to keep hydrated with water.

Skin use:

Ginger Oil/creams are now available which may help skin appearance. As Ginger has meant to

have anti-inflammatory properties this may help with spots or acne.

Always test your skin first before using.

May help with indigestion and bloating:

Ginger appears to increase the speed of which your stomach is emptied. This may help calm

your stomach down quicker. Taking a ginger supplement may help maintain a healthy digestive


Before using Ginger for health benefits we advise you talk to your doctor first.

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