Summer is over in the Philippines but it's still a great place to spend your vacation whether you are local or from a different country and if you're looking for an amazing summer getaway!

Boracay is one of the best Islands in the world and I will share all of the adventures that we've tried when we visited this amazing Island! This blog will give you some ideas about the prices of some of the trips and adventures you can go on. 
We have been to Boracay a few times now and been on quite a few adventures and hope you will find this blog helpful. We have produced this blog to try and help you guys be a bit more aware of how to not get ripped off or taken advantage of when going on trips on the island. Many of the hotels offer these adventures and you have more come back if things go wrong but they normally charge a lot more and if you're on a budget this is the worst way of booking them. 
Helmet Diving

We stayed a week at Fairways and Bluewater Newcoast Boracay. There are many things you can do in Boracay and fill every day with an activity if that what you like doing from island hopping, helmet diving, jet-skiing, cable car, paragliding, zip line, and even helicopter trips. 
Helmet Diving
Along station 2 where all the restaurants are, you will see many guys with there display boards selling activities and trips, normally these never have prices on so your always be a bit wary of approaching them. Also, you're going to be unsure of booking and handing over large sums of money to them and wondering whether they will turn up on the day.
Zip Line

Cable Car
Helicopter ride

We booked a few trips with the same tour guide who was amazingly helpful and made us feel totally safe in booking with him. (The third guy from the left named Kuya Danny)
To feel reasured We swapped mobile numbers and he calls from his phone to ours to prove his number was right. He also had I.D with his photo on which he let us take a picture. He also asked us to take a selfie of us all so we had a pic of him. 
The price we are quoting on here are all from him and are his top prices. They are totally open to bartering on the price and the more activities you book the larger the discount. Never pay the full price! Be brave and start low they will counter offer but stay strong and get a good price. This is actually the normal price for the tours in Boracay but we got them really cheap from him and had a huge discount and we didn't pay the amount written on the paper.
Our tour guide only asked for a small deposit of our choice. We gave him I think about 200 pesos and the rest was paid on the day.
Things like the zipline we got way cheaper than even going direct with the people running it. 
So our advice would be when booking trips:

1. Swap mobile numbers
2. Ask to see their I.D. and take a pic of their I.Ds
3. Take a pic of their stand and remember where they are located
4. Never pay the full price
5. Only leave a deposit, not the full amount.

On the day: 

On the activity day, they will ask to meet you at a certain location maybe the mall or they may pick you up from your hotel. They provide all the travel to the activities which will be included in the price. Buses and speed boats. Just be mindful of your belongings make sure that they are safe! 
These are some photos taken when we visited Boracay last year.
Puka Beach
 PUKA BEACH - This is one of the best Islands I've ever seen plus there's no entrance fee. You just need to book a tricycle to get here.
Crystal Cove
CRYSTAL COVE Island - There is an entrance fee here of 200 pesos if you want to enter the cove. 
Nightlife in Bora
Nightlife in Boracay - There's a lot of things to do in Boracay during the night. There are loads of restaurants, bars, and clubs that you can choose and it took time for us to find a place to eat because there's really a lot. I highly recommend visiting TripAdvisor to check the ratings or each restaurant and find the food you like.
Fairways and Bluewater Newcoast
Fairways and Bluewater Newcoast
We stayed in Fairways and Bluewater Newcoast for a week and Price range: P3,958 - P11,615 (Based on Average Rates for a Standard Room)

Overall, Boracay is still one of my favourite destination in the Philippines. It is crowded and touristy but it still amazes me and I wanna go back here, again and again, cos everything is here already. 

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